Thursday, September 20, 2012

SA Results are in and a RE update.

So, We had the semen analysis done and we received the results and can I just say, there is NO reason I shouldn't be pregnant.  Here is the break down followed by a quick explanation of what each means.

376 million sperm/ML = 3ml was given
70% Motility (needed to be greater than 50%)
74% Morphology (Needed to be higher that 30%)
 Total count was 1.128million. In case I did that wrong.. 1 Billlion 128 Million. THATS ALOT!

Motility is how they in a straight line not in circles.
Morphology is what they look like. They have to have good heads, straight tails, they need to be healthy otherwise if they swim good but have double heads, small heads, or big heads they cannot penetrate the egg.
These are unbelievable results considering he had a vasectomy for 7 years prior to surgery. I am very happy with the results but it left me feeling like I was the problem

I met with the Infertility doctor on Monday and he said he doesn't feel like we cannot conceive on our own but would put me on Clomid if I wanted. I haven't decided on that yet. He did a ultrasound and said my uterine lining was REALLY thick. Like so thick he confirmed I was in fact pregnant last month and didn't clean everything out when I had my period. He wants me to come back in on Cycle day 2 or 3 to do another sonogram to see if my uterine lining is shedding appropriately. If not, I have to have a D&C. Husband is leaving next weekend for anywhere between 3-6 weeks for work. I am not sure how I feel about a D&C while hubby is gone. I was hopeful that I was pregnant this month but it turns out I am not. So, on to another cycle and praying for another day that I will be blessed with a test with a double line!

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